Client Testimonial:

Location: East Sussex

"Digging 118Km of tunnels underground while the city of London goes about it's business is no mean feat, as part of the massive Transport for London Crossrail project my role involves specialist piling and foundation operations.  I lift on average 6-15 tons of materials on a daily basis, tough physically demanding work that takes it's toll on my body.  

  I regularly suffer with tennis elbow and chronic back pain, the first time I contacted Michael it was out of hours on Saturday morning, having lost the feeling in my hands and arms during a restless nights sleep on the Friday night I woke up in a state of panic, the Eastbourne Osteopath immediately offered his help!  I made my way to his practice where after a thorough consultation Michael manipulated my spine and freed the trapped nerve that had caused me so much pain and anxiety over the previous week.  Immediately the numbing sensation I had in my hands and arms subsided and my hands returned to normal within a few hours.

 On occasions Michael has literally been a lifesaver, a few months later he cured a case of chronic tennis elbow, a debilitating condition that I was forced to work with for some weeks.  Michael informed me he had recently learned a new system of applying sports strapping to various muscle groups and this he believed would help my injury, sceptical at its simplicity at first, I allowed Michael to administer the tape and to my astonishment my tennis elbow was all but cured within a week.

 A few months later I again injured my back,  this time Michael informed me that I had slipped a disc and trapped a nerve in the base of my spine, as a consequence most of the muscles on my back had gone in to spasm, a real wake up call, the Eastbourne Osteopath again manipulated my spine, freed the trapped nerve, and relaxed the surrounding muscles, I can only describe a feeling of euphoria when I left the practice.  I am astounded that one man has the ability to liberate me from such pain and improve the quality of life not only for me but also my family" 

Mr T.Walker (Address supplied)